Where Did The Time Go?

It seems like yesterday that my girls were circling my legs with their little pigtails bouncing every which way.  Those big eyes looked at me as if I was the center of their world.  I can still feel those tiny hands wrapping around my fingers trusting me to lead them safely across the street.  I remember the first time they walked onto that big yellow buss and waved goodbye as if they were leaving the Country.  I still have every poem, every picture, and every report card they brought home. 

Where has the time gone?  As I prepare for my daughter, Chanis' wedding, I think back to the days of when I would wake her for school, and I went to bed knowing all my kids were safely tucked in.  Now, she lives on her own, and I find myself calling even when she is at work, just to hear her voice.  She walks through my door with that huge beautiful smile, and my heart just melts.  I wonder if she knows the pride I have when I speak about her.  She is not only beautiful, but so very intellegent.  She attended both High School and College at the same time, and if that wasn't enough, she took a adult education class during her junior and senior year to become a CNA.  Her tenacity inspires me and she operates under a true spirit of excellence in all she does.

Where has the time gone?  And Chelsea, oh Chelsea.  This child has taught me so much.  She has overcome obstacles that would kill most people.  Her faith in God encourages me.  She is the one who is here to give me that hug when I need it.  The one who always asks me if I am ok.  She has such a caring heart.  She loves music and has been in the band playing drums since she was nine years old.  She has the ability to teach herself what she hears.  She leaves in one month for FIU in Miami Florida.  I can't even imagine what this new adventure will be like.  I am so very proud of her, but I will miss her and her hugs so very, very much. 

Where has the time gone?  As the two out of our four begin a new journey as Mighty Women of God, I feel a sense of sadness.  It is so rare to have all four of our children together anymore.  With work, school, and activities, I find myself treasuring those times more and more.  I wonder if they know that no matter how old they are, and where they are in life, each and every time I look into their beautiful faces, I still see my sweet, sweet babies.  As if they have never grown up at all.....

The loves of my life..... Chanis, Chelsea, Courtne, and Judah.
May God bless and keep you all the days of your lives.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your daughters, your motherhood and God's blessings in your life!


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