The Grace of God

I was inspired this morning by an article posted on the CAST blog. The author, Sarah, spoke of her struggle with infertility and how God’s grace is sufficient and His power is made perfect in weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

While reading her article, I couldn’t help but to be moved in my own spirit. This was a subject I could deeply relate to. I was married at a young age and had three beautiful daughters from that marriage. It sadly ended in divorce. When I became saved, I also became a wife once again to a wonderful man of God, Justin. He lovingly accepted the girls as his own and has raised them as such for the majority of their lives.

For six years we tried to have a child together, but were unable. Month after month, year after year, and doctor appointment after doctor appointment, nothing. As Sarah, I experienced the sheer anguish you feel when your hopes and faith are high, but you do not see the results you feel you should.

Years passed, and I, yes I, aged. I was now almost 40. My “little” girls were graduating, moving out, going to college. Soon just the youngest would be left. Justin and I found contentment. God’s grace had moved us into a place where we were able to say, “God, even if you never do it, we will serve and love you all the days of our lives.” Yes, I always had hope. I made a vow to God that if he ever gave us a child, I would praise His name every time I spoke of this child. Everyone would know the Glory of God. But, if He chose not to, I would still be sure that He would be Glorified with equal passion. He has been so good to us.

Two years ago we returned from an anniversary get away. My husband was at work when I realized I was late. I assumed I miscalculated and went to work as well. On my way home I grabbed a pregnancy test. The same test I had learned to hate. The same test that broke my heart time and time again. Three minutes seemed like three hours. And then, TWO lines. I jumped in the car and bought four more tests. Yep, we were pregnant!

My husband came home that day unaware that his life was about to change. Not because he was about to have his only child, but because He was about to know his Father in a way he never had before. The faithfulness of God was almost so overwhelming that I found it hard to breathe as I whispered the words, “We are pregnant.” And never knowing the vow I made to God, my husband looked at me and said, “He shall be called Judah.”  Every time I say our son's name, I am praising my wonderful Father. My vow is continually being fulfilled.

The bond that I have with Sarah’s testimony is not the way our prayers were answered. She was blessed through adoption, I was blessed through conception. The piece that connects the two testimonies is that God’s faithfulness was not just found in the way that He answered our prayers, it was found in the journey where He proved Himself faithful through His grace.

I end with this, be encouraged. Your prayer may not be for a child, your situation may not be infertility, it may be a cancer, it may be a child strung out on drugs, it may be an unsaved spouse, but what ever it is, God is faithful and His grace is sufficient. Stand on His Word and He will show you through.

God Bless, and thank you Sarah for reminding me again how faithful our God is!



  1. Wonderful post. So nice that you and Sarah are such a great encouragement to others.

  2. Great post and your family is so beautiful! That little guy looks like an incredible blessing that was worth the wait!

  3. Praise God for his goodness to you! For me it is a child with cancer. I trust God. He has helped us in the past and I'm sure he'll be with us in the future xx

  4. I love you and your loving husband and your entire family and I praise GOD!!! Yes - Judah!! Thank you so very very much for sharing this :D

  5. What a beautiful post, you have a way with words :-)


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