Polymer Clay Angel Tutorial

I absolutely love to make polymer clay Angels.  So I thought it would be great to share with you how to make them.  They are great to give as gifts of encouragement.  I hand them out with my business cards and they always bring a smile to people's faces.

I would like to start with a list of supplies.  I use Sculpey III clay, but Premo or Fimo work as well.
1 oz white
1/2 oz black
1oz hazelnut or flesh depending on the race you are creating
small scrap of red
4 " of copper or gold wire
2 small black beads for the eyes
metal oval cutter or you can freehand the cut
flat blade
wire cutters
pasta machine or hand roller

Step one:
     Roll out a ball with a piece of your white clay.  It should be about the size of a grape.  Roll it into a cone shape.  This will be the base.  Do not worry about finger prints.  It will be covered with the Angel's gown. 

Take a piece of the white clay and place it through the pasta machine on the 2nd setting.  It will have to be cut so the ends are even resembling a very long rectangle.  It should have the same width as the height of your Angel base, and be about 4" long.  1"x4" is pretty safe.  You can cut it as needed.

Wrap the rectangel around the base, gathering it at the top of the cone.  This causes a draped fabric effect.

Step Two:
     Roll out a piece of the white clay into a small log that will become the arms.  This will be a little thinner than the diameter of a pencil, and about 1 1/2" long.  Then roll out two balls of either the hazelnut or flesh. Make them a little smaller than a pea and gently push them onto the ends of the log. 
     Place the log onto of the cone, gently pushing down in the center.  Break the toothpick in half and insert it down through the base.  This is going to support the head.

Step three:

Roll out a piece of hazelnut/flesh colored clay into a ball about 1/2 inch in diameter.  Take your toothpick and put two small holes for the eyes.  With the toothpick, lift the beads into the holes and gently push them into place.  Take the toothpick and make two indents on each corners of the eye.  Roll a small ball out for the nose and push it into place and take the toothpick and form a mouth.  Take the head and place it firmly down onto the toothpick in the center of the base.
Step four:
     Next you will need your small piece of red clay. Roll it into a small log and then fold it in half, pinching the bottom and use your fingers to shape it into a small heart.  Bring the Angel's arms around to the center and push them gently together to hold the heart between her hands.

Step five:
     Take your black clay and run it through the pasta machine in the 2nd setting.  Then cut it into thin strips about 1" long.  This will be your hair.  Take each strip and twist it between your fingers.  Attach them to the head of the Angel in your desired hair style. 

    Step six:
      Cut a piece of the wire 2" long and shape it into a halo.  Leave a tail piece to insert into the Angel's head, through her hair. 

Final Step:

Take the white clay that's left and roll it through the pasta machine on setting 5.  Cut out two small ovals either by free hand or using a cutter.  Place a small piece of wire through each oval  to attach to the Angel. These are her wings.   Insert into her back gently. 

And you are finished, she is ready to cook.  Bake at 285 degrees for half an hour.  And enjoy!!


  1. Love your family picture! This tutorial was wonderful. I could easily follow the directions, the photos were clear and helpful and the finished result is adorable! Great work!

  2. Great tutorial! Your blog looks wonderful already, keep it up! :-)

  3. Thanks for this tutorial. I was wondering how you did the hair.


  4. This is a great project to try out! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What beautiful angels, thanks so much for the easy to follow tutorial, I shall definitely be giving these a go.

  6. I love this tutorial, thanks for it. I am happy to do it to make people bit happy. Than you.


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