April Showers bring Egg Carton Flowers

     What better way to welcome in Spring, than with a fresh, Eco friendly, bouquet of Egg Carton Flowers?  These wonderful flowers do not require water, food, or soil, and come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.  If you can imagine it, you can create it. So grab those old egg cartons, some paint, and a cup of coffee, and let's create!

Supply List:

Cardboard Egg Cartons
Assorted Paints of Your Choice
Paint Brush
20 Gauge Floral Wire
Green Floral Tape
Wire Cutters
Dime Sized Button
A household nail
Green marker or paint

Using Scissors or a Utility Knife, 
cut all 12 Egg Cups out of the Carton.

Next, cut 4-5 Egg Cups into rounded petals.  Make a variety of sizes. For this flower, I used two 4 petal flowers, one 5 petal, one 6 petal, and one 8 petal.  The key to this is while you are cutting the petals, each time, make them a little shorter than the last.  This ensures when you stack them together, each level is seen.  There is no template for this, it must be done through your imagination.  There are no wrong sizes, shapes, or colors! 

Your finished petals should look like this.

Now, let the fun begin!  Pick your color of choice and paint, paint, paint!

I love to reuse old packaging materials.  For this step, I encourage you to be creative!  Find some old packaging that would otherwise end up in a landfill, and freehand some simple green leaves that are all attached together in the center.  This will be the base at the bottom of your flower.  You can use green paint or a green permanent marker.  If you do not have this material on hand, you can use paper. When you are finished, let dry, and then cut it out.

Now it is time to assemble!  Grab your painted petals, your green leaf base, 20 gauge floral wire, floral tape, a dime sized button of your choice, wire cutters, a nail (I'll explain this in a minute), and a big cup of coffee!

Take the nail, and "poke" or push it through each flower cup to make two small holes.

Next, cut a piece of the wire 12 inches, or longer if you prefer a longer stem.  Thread it through the button, leaving one side of wire only about 2 inches in length and the other side 10 inches.  

Thread each petal on to the button, begin with your shortest petals (I began with my 8 petal cup), and end with your largest 4 petal cup.

Next, thread the green leaf base on and then twist the wire to keep all the pieces secured in place.

Using the floral tape, wrap the stem of the flower, beginning at the base and working your way down.  

  Now you have a finished egg carton flower. Add embellishments or leaves, if you wish.   Using this same example, you can let your mind set the limit, use different colors, sizes, and shapes, and create your one of a kind bouquet

Please be sure to share your finished products in the comment section below, along with any additional tips you may have!  And most importantly, HAVE FUN!! 



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