They Will Know we are Christians by our Love

One song comes to my spirit this morning, "They will know we are Christians by our Love."  This song defines what our walk should be.  It explains that we'll be recognized as Christians -- true disciples of Jesus -- not by our rhetoric or our politics or even the soundness of our theology, but by our love.

A hard lesson for me to learn was that regardless of my opinion, my perspective, my emotions, or my thoughts, I must handle every situation in a way that is pleasing unto my Lord and Savior.  Many times this means to simply  be silent and show the love of Christ, even when every ounce of your flesh begins to cry out wanting to react.   Praise the Lord we are not led by our flesh. 

When I was new in my walk with God, I was so careful of who I spoke to and where I went.  I found myself getting very "religous" about my walk, only wanting to deal with other Christians.  And as hard as this is for many of us Christians to admit, I became very judgemental.   
God began to deal with me that if I intended to live in world surrounded by only other like believers, then I would be of no use to Him.  There has to be a light in every dark place, for only the light will destroy the darkness.  If we have the love of Christ, the light of the world within us, then there is no ground we can not conquer.  Everywhere we step becomes Holy ground. 

My Father had to remind me of that old Hymn; I once was lost, but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.  His Amazing Grace saved a wretch like me.  He asked me would I have come to Him if Christians had seen me in that state and kicked me while I was down?  Would I have believed in the love of Christ?  Or would I have stayed in my mess, and died in my own place of destruction?  

What do we do in a world so dark, so discouraged, so corrupt. Simply, we do as Christ did. He never cast stones. Not once. The Christ I serve never discouraged people into believing they were unworthy of His gracious gift of salvation. He didn't tread just on Holy grounds surrounded by supportive people, my Messiah was the One that crossed a raging sea into a corrupt land just to cast demons out of a man named Legion. He traveled out of His way to meet a woman at a well in  Samaria.   He even loved so greatly that He appeared on a road to Damascus to save a man that had killed His very own people. 
I am unworthy of the mercy God has shown me.  He placed people in my life that have shown me such an unconditional love of Christ, that I couldn't help but desire Him for myself.   I did not realize that the way I was living was a sin in God's eyes.  I didn't understand why or how to stop many of my behaviors.  These people could have simply became "religious" and walked away, but instead they meant me where I was.  They didn't say, "How could you, how dare you, what is wrong with you."  They said, "Let me tell you about a man.  A man named Jesus."

This is my heritage.  This is what I leave to my children, to my grandchildren.  This love I carry.  The love I have so freely received, I now so freely give.  I have learned that if I run from the dark things, the dark place, and the dark people, who will possibly tell them about this marvelous light?  Is it possible they are "dying from lack of knowledge?"  I may not agree with their ways, their actions, or their words, but it is not up to me to save them, it is up to me to love them.  How do I do this?  Sometimes it is a inspirational word, a word of encouragement, sometimes it is a smile, and sometimes it is by not joining in when others judge them.  Sometimes our silence speaks louder than our words.
I humbly encourage all of those who have heavy hearts about the world we live in, and ask that we all allow the light of Christ to shine in every situation.  To remember that we do not have to argue our beliefs, but to just be an example of them.  

God Bless,


  1. Wow Robyn, what a blessing and encouragement are your wise words. Jesus was a friend of sinners, and He did dine with them. I definately feel uncomfortable with some people who are not Christians, but I am to be a light to the world.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Robyn! I have found that being as radical as I possibly can for MYSELF only brings blessing- but judging others and setting standards for them because I choose to take things a certain way is contrary to what Jesus teaches us!

  3. Very insightful, and a bit convicting to me. Thanks for posting a message I really needed to read! Lately I have had the attitude that I just want to hide in my safe little loving world and ignore the darkness lurking outside my door. Your wonderful post is helping me to see that I need to "go forth" with God's strength, grace and love. Blessings to you.

  4. Wonderful post! I have a post on this subject waiting for tomorrow.

    I must follow your blog! I don't believe I have visited it before.

    Have a blessed day!

  5. Amen! Robyn!

    Beautiful testimony!

  6. Robyn, That was very well written and so true.

  7. Very true...we are to be salt and the world, but not of the world. There's nothing wrong with having standards of holiness...that is what we are called too...having the likeness of Christ perfected in us. WE just have to remember that not everyone is there yet. God looks at the heart and sees what a man can become. We can't focus on the external.

    I have no plans of changing my standards or walk of life to "fit in"...but I will be a light in the world and remember to show the love of Christ Jesus...if we judge, we will be judged...far better to pray and love.

  8. Beautifully said. You have a talent for considering things carefully and writing. If you'd be interested in contributing an article for the CAST blog, let me know!


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