CD Case Picture Frame Tutorial

     I combined my love to recycle and my love for music.  Just like many millions around the world, I have a ton of empty CD cases laying around from CD's that have long ago meant their demise at the hands of my toddler.  So what better way to upcycle them but by turning them into a cute hanging picture frame.

For this project, you will need:

3 Empty CD Cases
1 Package of Sculpey Clay
2 Feet of Ribbon
Craft Glue
A Few Pieces of Scrap Cardstock Paper
Cutting Blade
Pasta Machine
Decorative Stamps
Accent Paint
Paper Towel
3 Photos

Step One:

Glue the ribbon to the back of all three cases making sure they are properly spaced.  Take the top of the ribbon and make a loop to hang.  Glue the back of the loop to the back of the first case.  Leave the additional ribbon hang from the bottom of the last case.  I found that about 1 1/2 inches between each cases worked well, but you can determine what looks best for you.

Step Two:

Cut five squares from the scrap paper using the case as your template.  You will want them to cover the back of the case for a more finished look to your project.  The extra two squares we will use in the next step.

Step Three:

Roll out your clay.  I used the number 1 setting for this project.  There is no need for a thick frame since it will be applied to the top of a heavy case. 

Using one of the extra templates you made, cut the clay into the size needed to cover the fron ot the case.

Using the last extra template, cut a smaller square that will be placed in the center of the clay.  This will be the opening for your photo.  I made it so that my clay would have about a 3/4" border.  Use this template and cut to size all three pieces of your clay.

You can decorate the frame however you choose.  I used rubber stamps to stamp the words; live, laugh, and love.  

After stamping, bake the frames at 285 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes.  Let cool.

Step Four:

After the frames have cooled, take a paper towel with some paint on it and "dab" the frame.  This gives it a sponged look and really brings out the stamping that has been done.  However, you can decorate it to suite your own personal tast. 

Step Five:

Cut your pictures to size and place them into the Cd case.  There is no need to glue or tape them.  When you shut the case, they will be held securely in place.  Then using your craft glue of choice, glue the frames to the top of each case.

There you have it.  A recycled CD Case Picture Frame.  I hope this inspires you to see what other "upcycle" ideas you can come up with.


  1. What a great tutorial! A good idea for all of those CD cases out there.

  2. AWE :) Aunt Robyn you are so creative! I'm going to have to try that out sometime. Love ya!


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